For almost 20 years, Ripley Caine’s unique songwriting has turned heads in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Her distinctive blend of influences, distilled from rockers such as PJ Harvey and Joni Mitchell, as well as a veritable who’s who of independent acoustic and electric singer-songwriters, have put her acclaimed releases and unforgettable live performances squarely at the forefront of the Chicago-land music scene.  Caine returns with the most exciting release of her career: “Bravo,” a rich, expansive effort inclusive of all facets of Caine’s amazing craft – and one that is certain to draw much deserved National attention to her career.  It’s a bit like having Joni Mitchell pick up a hitcher and having a not-so-indiscreet rendezvous in a thrift store changing room while PJ Harvey and Suzanne Vega knowingly watch along.

.Ripley Caine.

“It’s that singer/songwriter thing but with better songs and better musicians.” - Richard Milne, WXRT-FM 


“She is bright, observant, introspective, upfront, aloof, friendly, casual, humorous, straightforward, cute, intimate, seemingly certain and a musician and songwriter worthy of your attention.  Her music is painful, confrontational, beautiful, catchy, immediate, echoey and sustaining.” 
- Louisville Music News - Louisville, KY